Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #13: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. This meme is created and hosted at The Broke and The Bookish. Every week there is a new top ten list for bloggers to take part in and enjoy!

I am a bit late for this but oh well! Better late than never :)


1. Read more, obviously.

From the start of 2014 till the end of summer you would always find me with a book in my hands but since the start of the new school year things have been going down-hill (book-related). High School apparently isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I haven't had much time to read or work on my blog posts but I'm planning to change that. With the start of 2015 I'm going to make more time for the things I love. Books.

2. Focus on finishing some of the many series on my selves.

I have so many series sitting on my bookcase! Some I'm in the middle of, other I haven't even started. This year I've challenged my self to finish at least 7 of them!

3. Collect and finish the Harry Potter Books

... photo embarrassed1_zpsvke2okpv.gif

It's true, I've been caught. I am one of those people who haven't read all the Harry Potter books. To tell you the truth I didn't really know anything about Harry Potter until about 4 years ago. But last year I started reading the books and I'm currently on the 3rd book. This year I'm planning to collect all 6 books and finally finish this series!


1. Write Reviews after finishing the book.

I tend to not write the review of a book  for at least two weeks after I finished it which causes me a lot of problems since by then I have forgotten a lot of things. A recent example is Lola and the Boy Next Door. Need to work on that.

2. Actually Post something

Since I started blogging I have not been very keen with posting and I am very disappointed about that. One of the reasons is that I'm not very good with time management and the other is school. In 2015, I think the first thing I'm going to try to do is post more frequently.

3. Expand my coding knowledge and finally learn to use Photoshop

My knowledge of coding in general is very little. I need to start learning more about HTML and how to use Photoshop so I can improve my Blog as well as my posts.

4. Comment more on other blogs... A LOT more...

I am so bad at commenting! Many times I open many blog posts, read them and close them without even bothering to comment... *hides in shame* Sometimes I forget, other times I'm too lazy but I'll definitely try to comment more often this year! It's one of my most important blogging goals of 2015!

5. Start scheduling ahead of time

I am the kind of person that will leave whatever they have to do for the last minute. School essays, french homework, blog posts. So usually I end up being awake all night finishing up whatever I was supposed to do. Not this year! I have set a goal to start doing things ahead of time and not stress about them later on! 

6. Posting something different.

I want to start posting other things than Reviews and Memes. Maybe start doing some discussions or tags. We'll see.

In General

Write more.

A major dream of mine is to be a writer. To do that I have to actually write. I need to start focusing more on my writing and my stories this year...

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