Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #16 : My Favorite Heroines (in books)

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. This meme is created and hosted at The Broke and The Bookish. Every week there is a new top ten list for bloggers to take part in and enjoy!

Wow, I just realized how few books I've read.... I couldn't really find any more than 6 heroines from books that I loved! But at least I found some! Anyway, enjoy!

1. Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I recently read the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series and I completely fell in love with the main character. As a half cyborg Cinder is judged and looked down on by many (including her own family) and the fact that this never managed to bring her down made me really respect her. She is a person that would do anything for the people she cares about, Strong, brave and quirky, she had my immediate attention from page 1.

2. Alex from the Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

JLA definitely has a talent for creating very fun and intriguing characters. Alex is one of those characters that make you want to be their best friend. She puts others lives before hers, brave, with a humor that has no limits and the right amount of recklessness she is a very fun heroine to read about.

3. Annabeth Chase from PJO and HoO series by Rick Riordan.

There was no way this character was going to be left out of this list. Annabeth belongs in the short list of heroines that have affected me and my life the most. Over the years she has become a role model, you could say, for me. She is studious, intelligent, brave, has a sense of duty... the list could go on for ever.

4. Amy Cahill from The 39 Clues series by a variety of authors.

The 39 clues is a 10 book long series I started when I was 9 and Amy became a favorite character of mine from book 1 (which btw was written by Rick Riordan!). I always enjoyed her personality and her ability to solve mysteries. She's 13 and a complete genius in my opinion. She's not easily fooled by her manipulative relatives and can handle her younger brother really well, something that I haven't quite managed to do yet with mine....

5. Penryn from Angelfall by Susan Ee

The lengths Penryn was willing to go to in order to save her sister made her immediately a favorite of mine. On  top of that, i loved that she wasn't your typical YA female protagonist. She was brave but not reckless. Sure, she ended up liking Raffe but when that happen she still kept her focus on her 'quest', he didn't become the center of her world. I loved her sense of duty and her devotion to her sister and her family was really moving for me.

6. Celaena Sardothien from The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Mass

Of course, I couldn't leave out Celaena. This girl deserves an award for Most Kick-ass Main Character! She is an assassin that can easily bring a man to his knees, even when she speaks she sounds bad-ass and she's also a reader! Do I need to say more?

Have you read about any of the characters mentioned? Which are your favorite heroines?


  1. You absolutely must finish the rest of the Lunar Chronicles books! I sped through all of them recently and am absolutely in love -- it's truly one of my all-time favorite YA series now. (And now I'm left anxiously anticipating the last one!)

    1. It's on my to-do-list! As soon as I get my hands on them I'm planning on marathon my way through them!

  2. I love Cinder so much, even though my favorite from the three girls is Cress, she soo adorable. I hope you'll enjoy the next books in the series too! Thorne is way too awesome, so be prepared. :DD
    Great list! :)

    1. Thank you :D I 'm so excited to get to the next books! I really need to get my hands on them soon! The waiting is killing me!